The School Readiness Program is designed to enable your child to learn at his/her own pace, and by themselves – self discovery, one of the core elements of outcome based education (OBE). The School Readiness Program is aimed at giving your child a head start in school. It prepares children for the formative years of their lives, giving them the advantage in a fun and engaging way.

It deals with the three main components necessary for school preparation, namely the alphabet; numeracy and perceptual training. Each lesson is followed up with workbook activities. This is essential to any serious learning process, because it reinforces concepts that have been learned. Dina the dinosaur is the learning friend that takes the child on wondrous adventures. She allows the learner to exploit the advantages of interactive multimedia.

Using sound and animations also help to ensure that the child is completely engaged in the learning process, and because the programme is totally interactive, the best results are achieved. Dina makes the learning experience so much fun, the child is mostly unaware of the magnitude of all the learning that is taking place.

The School Readiness program forms a sufficient basis for learning to read and for fundamental number concepts. Dina Dinosaur is what your child needs and will want. Available in English and Afrikaans




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