Big Boet Vol 2 Grade 4 (Ages 9-10) – 5 License Pack


Licenses come in packs of 5

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Afrikaans and English in one package. Big Boet Volume 2 helps your child to develop basic skills to prepare them for the primary educational phase. Hundreds of challenging exercises in each section which your child can master on their own. The level of difficulty is automatically controlled and adjusts to your child’s performance.

Maths – Multiplication and Division
A math problem will appear at the bottom of the screen. The answer will be in one of seven locations on the honeycomb. The learner must use the mouse to direct the bee to the correct answer then click on the answer. Each exercise consists of ten rounds.

Maths – Adding and Subtraction
The math problem appears in the sky and the possible answers on the balloons. The learner must pop the balloon with the correct answer before the time runs out.

Maths – Word Sums
The Word Sums exercise consists of 10 questions to be completed. A built in calculator will only be available for certain difficult questions, other questions can be completed by using mental math. Some questions may require all the basic math operations in order to complete the question.

Thinking – Problem Solving
The objective of this game is to get the red car out of the parking lot by moving the other vehicles out of the way. The learner must try to accomplish this with as few moves as possible.

Spelling – Word Block
The learner must use the list of words to complete the word block. Clues of the correct words appear in the form of fixed letters in the block.

Reading – Word Speed
In the Word Speed game, the learner must follow the text until he finds the given word. When the given word appears in the black focus frame, the learner must lock in the word by pressing the spacebar on the keyboard. If a word is matched the reading speed will increase and if a word is missed the speed will decrease.

Thinking – Creative
This creative thinking game is a drag and drop jigsaw puzzle. The learner must complete the puzzle within the given time. 20 puzzles selected randomly by the computer to complete. 3 levels of difficulty with time limits: Easy, Medium and Hard levels.

Reading with Comprehension
In this exercise the learner’s reading speed is measured and afterwards a comprehension test is used to assess the learner’s ability to comprehend the reading material.

Spelling – Recognition
In this exercise the learner must recognise the correct spelling of a word amongst other incorrect spellings. To select the correct word, the learner must shoot the bottle above the word.

Progress Report
With a build-in Progress graph, result analysis and exercise-log, parents and teachers can monitor the child’s improvement over time.Results saved on data file for up to 1,000 students. All results can also be printed.




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