Big Boet Vol 2 Grade 3 (Ages 9-10) – 5 License Pack


Licenses come in packs of 5

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Afrikaans and English in one package.  Big Boet Volume 2 helps your child to develop basic skills to prepare them for the primary educational phase. Hundreds of challenging exercises in each section which your child can master on their own. The level of difficulty is automatically controlled and adjusts to your child’s performance.

In this game the learner must answer a math question correctly to see the circus dolphin shoot a goal! You can choose between 5 addition and 5 subtraction questions or 5 multiplication and 5 division questions. The result will appear after completion of round 10

The object of this reading game is to re-arrange the words from short sentences in the correct order by dragging and dropping words in the correct order. The sentences are read out from a pre-recorded sound track. There are 2 rounds with 5 sentences per round which need to be completed within a limited time.

In this game, you need to spell a given word correctly by clicking on the letter(s) on the floating balloons. During displaying of the word to be spelled, a pre-recorded voice reads out the word. 6 to 8 letter words to be spelled according to level of difficulty.

Memory and Concentration
In this memory game the learner needs to find all the pairs before the time runs out. Click on a plate to reveal the picture or symbol, and then find the matching plate with the same picture or symbol.

The object of this game is to get the cannon ball out of the maze by dragging the yellow arrows on the maze wheel around its axis. In the easy and medium levels, the cannon automatically fires the ball towards the funnel of the wheel, but in the hard level the learner must adjust the angle and speed in order to fire the ball.

Progress Report
With a build-in Progress graph, result analysis and exercise-log, parents and teachers can monitor the child’s improvement over time. Results saved on data file for up to 1,000 students. All results can also be printed.




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