Big Boet Vol 1 Grade 6-7 (Ages 12- 13)


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Big Boet Grade 6-7 in Afrikaans / English

Big Boet will engage the learner in fun activities that are designed to teach and build their skill base, which forms a foundation for future years. It is specifically designed to help develop children’s concentration, which is essential for memory and learning. The fact that the games are time driven is important to teach the children to work against time as this is typically the case when they are writing exams in school. Another goal of the software is to develop the child’s self-confidence and the ability to work independently, through the implementation of positive audio remarks when the exercise ends in the result page. Big Boet will assist with homework and improve grades of the weaker learner and the advanced learners.

Improves students’ ability to think clearly

Essential concepts in reading, writing and math are broken down into manageable parts and students apply skills as they learn them. The combination of these techniques develops their ability to synthesize information and make inferences.

It builds students’ confidence as learners

The software provides personal feedback, multiple methods of instruction and automatic scoring. This enables students to see the impact of their actions and accept responsibility for improving their skills.

Does not take long to get results

The software is effective and efficient. Research has shown that significant gains in student achievement can be attained after a relatively short time period. In one study, it took only 6 hours of use over four weeks to see improvements.

Has a lasting effect

Big Boet software has shown that gains in student achievement continue when using consecutively, two years in a row.

Focuses on

Maths, Spelling, Reading, Thinking, Memory, Study Methods in Afrikaans / English




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