Big Boet Vol 1 Grade 4-5 (Ages 9-10)


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Big Boet Grade 4-5 – Vol Maths, Spelling, Reading, Thinking, memory, Study Methods.

Improves students’ ability to think clearly

Essential concepts in reading, writing and math are broken down into manageable parts and students apply skills as they learn them. The combination of these techniques develops their ability to synthesize information and make inferences.

It builds students’ confidence as learners

The software provides personal feedback, multiple methods of instruction and automatic scoring. This enables students to see the impact of their actions and accept responsibility for improving their skills.

Does not take long to get results

The software is effective and efficient. Research has shown that significant gains in student achievement can be attained after a relatively short time period. In one study, it took only 6 hours of use over four weeks to see improvements.

Has a lasting effect

Big Boet software has shown that gains in student achievement continue when using consecutively, two years in a row.

It affects students’ overall academic performance

Research shows that the skills developed by using Big Boet basic skills pack transfer to other academic areas.

Report and Analysis

  • Progress graph, result analysis and exercise-log.
  • Results saved on data file for up to 1,000 students.


  • Addition/Subtraction
  • Thousands multiplication and division exercises


Memorise words first, then click on words you remember among other words


  • Reading with Comprehension. 65 reading passages. Reading speed test by wpm. Comprehension test – fill in missing words after reading


  • 2000 spelling words
  • Word block: 5400 Afr words
  • 5700 Eng words


  • 92 Puzzles in total
  • Problem solving: moving cars backwards and forwards to get car out parking lot


Computer Specifications:

  • Pentium 2 Processor
  • Windows 98 – 7
  • 64 MB RAM
  • 800×600 Screen Resolution
  • 16 Bit Sound Card
  • 200MB Harddrive
  • 4x Cd-Rom




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