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Professor Teaches Windows 8.1 Tutorial Set

Price: R284.00

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Click on above link to buy and download Professor Teaches Windows 8.1 Tutorial Set for Windows. Once downloaded, follow the installation procedure. You will receive the serial key once payment is received (may take up to 48 hours)


The Fastest, Easiest Way to Learn Windows 8.1!

Professor Teaches courses use real-world settings and accurate simulations to help you apply your new knowledge directly to daily tasks and the knowledge you gain becomes an asset for life.

Chapter 1: Windows 8.1 Basics
• What is Windows 8.1?
• Starting Windows 8.1
• Using Touch Devices
• Exploring the Start Screen
• Introduction to Charms
• Using Search
• Introduction to Apps
• Adding and Changing User Accounts
• Shutting Down your Computer

Chapter 2: Personalizing Windows 8.1
• Personalizing the Start Screen
• Removing Tiles from the Start Screen
• Resizing Tiles
• Moving Tiles
• Customizing Your Settings
• Personalizing User Accounts
• Exploring the Control Panel
• Personalizing the Desktop
• Changing the Monitor Resolution
• Modifying Folder Options

Chapter 3: Using the Desktop
• Working with the Start Screen
• Using the Taskbar
• Managing Multiple Windows
• How to Customize the Taskbar
• Creating Shortcuts
• Getting Help

Chapter 4: Working with Files and Folders
• Introduction to Files and Folders
• Viewing Folders
• Opening Files and Folders
• Exploring the Computer’s Contents
• Searching for Files and Folders
• Creating and Renaming Folders
• Selecting Files and Folders
• Moving, Copying, and Deleting Files
• Using the Recycle Bin

Chapter 5: Working with Applications
• Introduction to Windows Media Programs
• Using the Pictures Library
• Using the Video App
• Windows Media Player
• Burning Files to CD and DVD
• Creating XPS Documents
• Installing Additional Software

Chapter 6: Exploring Print Features
• Printing with Windows 8.1
• Adding a Printer
• Working with the Print Dialog
• Working with the Print Queue
• Troubleshooting Printer Problems
• Installing Fonts
• Setting Up an Internet Connection
• Introduction to Internet Explorer


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