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Professor Teaches PowerPoint 2013

Price: R121.00

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Click on above link to buy and download Professor Teaches PowerPoint 2013 for Windows. Once downloaded, follow the installation procedure. You will receive the serial key once payment is received (may take up to 48 hours)


Professor Teaches PowerPoint 2013 is a computer training program that teaches you everything you need to know to about Microsoft PowerPoint 2013. Learn how to create visually stunning presentations for school or work using PowerPoint 2013. Professor Teaches provides hours of course material in a realistic simulation of the actual software. Download the product and start learning Microsoft PowerPoint 2013 today!

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What Is PowerPoint 2013?

PowerPoint 2013 is software developed by Microsoft to help you create quality presentations. PowerPoint is used for both academic and business settings as a fast and effective way of presenting information and ideas. PowerPoint 2013 is the latest version of the program and provides better collaboration tools and graphics editing capabilities.

What Are the Benefits of Learning Microsoft PowerPoint 2013?

  • Discover new ways to create professional-looking presentations quickly
  • Learn how to publish to the web
  • Learn how to create dynamic presentations using animation effects

What You Will Learn in Professor Teaches PowerPoint 2013

Our extensive computer training course will cover the following topics:

  •  Learn How to apply PowerPoint views
  •  Learn How to use templates
  •  Learn How to add images
  •  Learn How to use drawing tools
  •  Learn How to apply selecting and grouping
  •  Learn How to add tables and charts


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