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Adobe CC Educational Edition

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Adobe Creative Cloud Membership

Creative Cloud delivers everything you need to create, collaborate, and publish — all in one place. You get all­ new desktop versions of your favourite tools, immediate access to new products and features as soon as they’re released, and a host of other services and benefits, like easy file sharing and cloud storage.

Conveniently share your work with the creative community through built in integration with Behance ProSite, and sharpen your skills with a growing library of expert training videos.

With Creative Cloud, your entire creative world gets its own central dashboard, where everything is organized for you. Track comments posted to shared files, keep tabs on your work and your followers on Behance, download the latest product updates, and more.

What is Creative Cloud for students?

Let your ideas play out.
The old boundaries are breaking down. Today, photographers are branching out into video. Designers are learning code.
It's less about your major and more about finding new ways to tell your story.
With Creative Cloud, you'll have the tools to experiment with any medium. (Or every medium.)

Set yourself up for career success.
With Photoshop and Illustrator on your resume, you can get recruiters’ attention. And by building personal websites,
mobile sites, and iPad apps, you can get them talking about a job offer. You can even create a customized portfolio
with Behance ProSite, included free with your paid membership.

Stay ahead of the curve.
Creative Cloud means you’ll never get left behind. New features are added all the time, and you can access them as
soon as they’re released. So you can always keep your skills current and your work on the cutting edge.

What's included in Creative Cloud?

Acrobat Adobe Acrobat
Fireworks Adobe Fireworks Lightroom  Adobe Lightroom
After Effects Adobe After Effects Flash Builder Adobe Flash Builder Muse  Adobe Muse
Audition Adobe Audition Flash Professional Adobe Flash Professional Photoshop  Adobe Photoshop
Bridge Adobe Bridge Illustrator Adobe Illustrator Prelude  Adobe Prelude
Dreamweaver Adobe Dreamweaver InCopy  Adobe InCopy Premiere  Adobe Premiere
Edge Tools Adobe Edge Tools InDesign  Adobe InDesign SpeedGrade  Adobe SpeedGrade

New Features Exclusive to Creative Cloud

Photoshop CC
Perspective Warp -  Fluidly adjust the perspective of a specific part of your image without affecting the surrounding area.
Change the viewpoint from which an object is seen. For example, turn a telephoto shot into a wide-angle shot, or vice versa.
And seamlessly composite images with different vanishing points or camera positions.

3D Printing -  Visualize your 3D designs in the real world using 3D printing in Photoshop. Easily create, refine, and preview
your design, and then print models directly to a locally connected 3D printer or online service.
Real-time image asset generation -  Skip the hassle of manual asset slicing and export when designing for screens.
As you work, Photoshop CC uses Adobe Generator technology to save tagged layers and layer groups as individual image
files in formats you choose, all collected in a single folder.

Illustrator CC
Live Corners -  Finesse your designs more directly and intuitively. Edit and re-edit the corners of shapes and paths visually
with on-art controls, or by entering values in the Control panel or new Corners dialog box. You can round, invert, or chamfer
one or multiple corners at the same time.

All-new Pencil Tool -  Draw curves more accurately with options to extend paths, draw straight lines, and close paths. 
Use presets to create smooth paths with fewer points or more precise renditions of actual strokes. This new technology 
extends to the Brush, Blob Brush, and Smooth tools.

Path segment reshaping - Fluidly drag path segments into the shape you desire. New path reshaping technology, 
available in the Anchor Point and Direct Selection tools and accessible from the Pen tool, provides a more direct and 
intuitive way to edit path segments.

InDesign CC
Sync Fonts - Sync Fonts — part of Creative Cloud — will change the way you work with type. Quickly find the perfect
font from the growing library of over 700 Adobe Typekit fonts, sync it to your system, and have it immediately available for use.

Typekit desktop fonts - Quickly access the rich library of Typekit desktop fonts directly from the InDesign Font menu.
To reduce the headache of documents with missing fonts, InDesign now finds missing Typekit fonts for you when the file is
opened and prompts you to sync them with a single click.

Simplified hyperlinks -  Creating and managing hyperlinks is now simpler, faster, and more intuitive. Use right-click commands
to create and test hyperlinks. Efficiently manage hyperlinks and edit their names in an improved panel.
Automatic styling helps you quickly spot every hyperlink in your layout.

Dreamweaver CC
Enhanced CSS Designer - Generate clean, web-standard code with intuitive visual editing tools. Quickly apply CSS properties
like gradients and box shadows. Usability enhancements and a new color picker improve productivity by speeding up visual
CSS editing workflows.

Live Highlights - Visualize the relationships between the HTML elements in Live View and applied CSS selectors.
Inspect and highlight elements in Live View in real time while you interact with the CSS Designer.

Modernized Live View - A new rendering engine in Live View displays web content with the same performance and HTML5
support available in Google Chrome. Now you can spend more time in Dreamweaver and less time switching in and out of the
browser to test your content.

After Effects CC
Live 3D Pipeline - Objects and scenes from popular 3D modeling and animation software CINEMA 4D can be used directly
as footage inside After Effects CC without rendering first. This eases roundtripping between the programs and opens up
numerous creative possibilities.

Mask Tracker - Quickly create masks and add effects that travel throughout a scene, avoiding hours of manual adjustment.
Draw a mask around an object and it follows the object across frames, automatically adjusting position, rotation, scale, skew,
and perspective as it goes.

Refine Edge Tool - It’s the end of hard matte lines. Keep the details when separating complicated foreground elements like frizzy
hair or motion-blurred edges from complex backgrounds. This means you can create natural-looking composites without keying
specially shot footage.

Adobe Premiere Pro CC
Streamline Editing - New and enhanced editing features help you keep pace with the ever-changing demands of the video market.
Work faster and more intuitively thanks to a monitor overlay that provides key information at a glance, improved multicam editing, and more.

Stunning Watercolor Works - Editing and color grading now work hand in hand. Move projects seamlessly between
Adobe Premiere Pro CC and SpeedGrade CC through Direct Link. Easily adjust cuts or fine-tune grades whenever you need to,
so detail work goes more quickly.

Expanded Native Format Support  - Work with stunning 4K, 5K, 6K, Pro Res, DNxHD, and RAW content without the hassles and
delays of transcoding and file rewrapping.

Adobe Muse CC
Social Widgets - Simply drag and drop to add Facebook "Like" and Twitter "Follow" buttons, YouTube and Vimeo videos,
Google maps, and more – without copying and pasting code. Customize options such as color scheme, button type,
or map address without leaving Adobe Muse.

Updated Scroll Effects - Make your sites more engaging with page elements that move in different directions at different
speeds with the scroll of a mouse or touch of a finger. Apply scroll effects, including opacity and fading options,
to background images, slide shows, and Adobe Edge animations.

Library Panel and Exchange - Save a variety of website design elements and collections such as stylized buttons,
widgets, icons, and typographic elements to reuse in other projects and share with the Adobe community.

Other Tools

Behance Behance Prelude Live Logger Prelude Live Logger Stock Stock
CC Files Creative Cloud Files Pro Site Pro Site Story CC Story CC
Media Encoder Media Encoder Scout Scout Typekit Typekit
PhoneCap Build PhoneCap Build        

Mobile App Integration

Adobe Premiere Clip  Adobe Premiere Clip Illustrator Draw  Illustrator Draw Preview  Preview
Brush  Brush Illustrator Line  Illustrator Line Shape  Shape
Color  Colour Lightroom for Mobile  Lightroom for Mobile Slate  Slate
Comp  Comp Photoshop Mix  Photoshop Mix Voice  Voice
Hue  Hue Photoshop Sketch  Photoshop Sketch    


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