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Quick Overview

Scoremore - CAPS Curriculum digital content in the form of multimedia animations, simulations, activities and tests for engaging learners and enhancing the learning experience.

Our products are designed for use in school classrooms as well as in computer labs, or for the student at home. Each product contains six critical components that cover the cycle of learning from introduction of the concept to revision and mastery. What’s more, the software is custom-built for your curriculum, making it extremely easy to integrate into teaching and learning from day 1.

SM Features
Animated Lessons
~ 2-D and 3-D animations introduce a topic and its relevance using real-life examples
~ Each topic contains solved examples and practice exercises
~ Content is indexed for easy viewing - Can play the content, pause and rewind when necessary
~ Includes a pen tool feature that replaces your interactive whiteboard
SM G12 LS Lesson

Formative assessment
~ A short quiz embedded at the end of every lesson
~ Enables instant feedback to gauge understanding of topic

Printable worksheets
~ Ready-to-use worksheets for each topic in the curriculum
~ Pen and paper practice to build confidence
~ Includes answer memo for each worksheet

Interactive Simulations
~ Simulations and virtual experiments allows self-paced learning for a learner using the software in a ICT-lab
SM G12 LS Simulation

Test Centre
~ Very powerful and user friendly test generator that can be fully customized
~ Receive instant feedback on the overall performance, including number of questions attempted and scores obtained
~ Track and monitor performance

Solved Exam Papers
~ Archive of past exam papers and exemplar papers and answer memos for the same
~ They are also PRINTABLE

Life at the Molecular, Cellular and Tissue Level
~ DNA code of Life
~ RNA and protein synthesis
~ Meiosis

Life Processes in Plants and Animals
~ Reproduction in vertebrates
~ Human reproduction
~ Nervous system
~ Senses
~ Endocrine system
~ Homeostasis

Diversity, change and continuity
~ Darwinism and Natural Selection
~ Human evolution

Environmental studies
~ Human impact on environment: current crises

SM Life Gr12 content




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