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Daydream Maths Interactive Content Packs Site Licence High School

Price: R8365.00

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Perfect for all learning styles and abilities


Daydream Education's Interactive Content Packs provide a comprehensive and engaging
way of exploring key curriculum-based content, combining clear and concise information
with exciting and engaging interactive activities. The software contains easy to follow
presentation screens to improve understanding, plus a wide variety of activities to reinforce
learning and assess understanding.


See our Maths posters come alive with our exciting e-learning applications.
The user-friendly Maths Interactive Software contains a wealth of content and interactive
activities that are guaranteed to brighten up any Maths Lesson.

Titles Included:
Rules of Arithmetic        
Number Patterns and Sequences
Negative Numbers         
Multiplication and Division
Converting Fractions, Decimals and Percentages
Ratio and Proportion     
Rules of Algebra
Linear Equations              
Simultaneous Equations
Quadratic Equations      
Coordinates, Straight-Line Graphs and Travel Graphs
Curved Line Graphs and Transformations            
Angles, Symmetry and 2D Shapes
Transformations and Enlargements        
Perimeter, Area, Volume and Nets         
Circle Geometry
Loci and Construction    
Pythagoras' Theorem
Averages and Frequency Tables               
Handling and Displaying Data





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