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Hippo-Tops-Maths Grade 5-6 Bundle

Price: R570.00

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Learn over 50 Maths concepts covering all the content areas in the NEW CAPS Curriculum
Content:- Numbers, Operations and Relationships, Patterns, Functions and Algebra, Measurements, Data handling, Space and Shape.
All content areas covered in the new CAPS CURRICULUM
Learn over 50 Maths concepts covering all the 5 content areas:
- Numbers, Operations and Relationships
- Patterns, Functions and Algebra
- Measurement
- Data Handling
- Space and Shape
Use Maths skills in real-life!

hippo skills

Interactive games to learn and master Maths skills the fun way!
- Engages learners and makes them WANT to learn Maths
- Builds strategy and reasoning skills
- Presents a new challenge each time you play the game
- Learn over 50 Maths skills prescribed in the new CAPS curriculum for the specific grade
- Ideal for self-learning: Provides clear feedback with South African voice instructions for every game

A+ Spelling Quick Overview

Afrikaans and English A+ Spelling is an interactive and fun to work with program for 
primary school learners.   
The program teaches various spelling 
skills in several activities and contains thousands of excercises to keep
chil­dren hooked for hours of fun and constructive learning.
AVOL2spelling13  AVOL2spelling07 2


- More than 10 000 spelling words presented in a game format
- 9 Activities in 3 levels of difficulty (Beginner, Advanced & Expert)
- Language selection (Afrikaans & English)
- Printable progress report and analysis chart
- Database supports up to 1000 users

- Letter sounds (Toddler - Grade 2)
- Look and spell (Toddler - Grade 2)
- Word block (Grade 3 - 7)
- Word recognition (Grade 3 - 7)
- Spell with comprehension (Grade 3 - 7)
- Letter matrix (Grade 3 - 7)
- Listen and spell (Grade 3 - 7)




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