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Hippo-Tops-Maths Grade 5-6 Bundle

Price: R570.00

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Learn over 50 Maths concepts covering all the content areas in the NEW CAPS Curriculum
Content:- Numbers, Operations and Relationships, Patterns, Functions and Algebra, Measurements, Data handling, Space and Shape.
All content areas covered in the new CAPS CURRICULUM
Learn over 50 Maths concepts covering all the 5 content areas:
- Numbers, Operations and Relationships
- Patterns, Functions and Algebra
- Measurement
- Data Handling
- Space and Shape
Use Maths skills in real-life!

hippo skills

Interactive games to learn and master Maths skills the fun way!
- Engages learners and makes them WANT to learn Maths
- Builds strategy and reasoning skills
- Presents a new challenge each time you play the game
- Learn over 50 Maths skills prescribed in the new CAPS curriculum for the specific grade
- Ideal for self-learning: Provides clear feedback with South African voice instructions for every game

A+ READING Quick Overview
Afrikaans and English A+ Reading provides the learner with several exercises and activities to develop
and improve reading skills and will increase the learner’s reading speed dramatically in a short period of time while playing.
 AVOL2reading15AVOL2reading05 AVOL2reading06
- Language selection (Afrikaans and English).
- Printable progress report and analysis chart.
- Database supports up to a 1000 users.
- Virtually no limit in reading speed settings.
- Learn while playing.

- I learn how to read (4-8yrs)
- Spot the word (4-13yrs)
- Eye exercises (4-13yrs)


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