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Big Boet Vol 2 Toddler (Ages 3-5) - License Pack

Price: R2200.00

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Click on above link to download Big Boet Vol 2 Toddler for Ages 3-5 for Windows. Once downloaded, follow the installation procedure. You will receive the serial key once payment is received (may take up to 48 hours)


 Quick Overview

Afrikaans and English in one package.  Focuses on Numbers, Perception, Language, Creativity (incl shapes, letters and numbers), Memory - All the preparation your child will need to be ready for the (Big School). All sections consists of an adaptive learning system with levels of difficulty. - Colourful 3D illustrations. AIM: To stimulate and develop the child's concentration, to make the child aware of time-limits, and to build confidence by making own decisions and working independently.


Toddler2 CountingMaths – Counting Skills

In this game the focus is on basic counting skills and to test the child's ability to follow and execute a given instruction or task. The task to complete is to place a certain number of items on a plate. The task gets more difficult from level 2 where more than one item is given in the instruction.

Toddler2 NumberAssMaths – Number Association
The aim of this game is to assess the ability to correctly assign a number value to a certain number of items. A question is asked about the number of items on the plate where after the learner must click on the correct number value.

Toddler2 PerceptionPerception
In this fun game, the goal is to find and eliminate all picture objects where there are 3 of the same pictures on the grid. To eliminate the pictures, one must click on each of the picture blocks that look the same. The level of difficulty is determined by the number of picture blocks in the grid as well as the time available to find all pictures.

Toddler2 LanguageLanguage – Vocabulary and Instructions
In this game, the toddler is introduced to new words in order to broaden his/her vocabulary while being given an instruction to follow. The instruction is to move a certain word object to a designated block. To move the word object, one should click on the object while holding down on the button and then drag and drop the object to where the instruction                                             indicates

Toddler2 CreativityCreativity – Shapes, Letters and Numbers
In this creativity activity, the toddler must colour-in letters, numbers and shapes. Afterwards, the items must be dragged to a shadow box with holes that match up with the shape or letter. The toddler learns about different colours, different shapes as well as letters and numbers.


Toddler2 ColouringCreativity – Colouring
A great colouring book for all ages, uses many colours and many pictures to colour with. The pictures can also be printed out.

geheueMemory and Concentration
The goal of this game is to improve the toddler's ability to observe and memorise patterns while improving concentration. The exercise consists of stacked blocks where only a few have coloured dots on. The blocks are displayed for a short period and then taken away. The toddler must then click on the blocks that have the coloured dots.

konsentrasieThinking and Concentration
The toddler is given a voice instruction to move the green ball (pointer) to a picture starting with a certain alphabet sound. The skill is to first identify the correct picture and then to work out the path through the maze. 3 Levels of difficulty control the time limit. Hundreds of pictures with multiple levels of randomized variables ensure thousands of variations.

report2Progress Report
With a build-in Progress graph, result analysis and exercise-log, parents and teachers can monitor the child's improvement over time.
Results saved on data file for up to 1,000 students.  All results can also be printed.



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