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Daydream Full High School LIC

Price: R33565.00

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Perfect for all learning styles and abilities

Daydream Education's Interactive Content Packs provide a comprehensive and engaging
way of exploring key curriculum-based content, combining clear and concise information
with exciting and engaging interactive activities. The software contains easy to follow
presentation screens to improve understanding, plus a wide variety of activities to reinforce
learning and assess understanding.


The Full Suite contains all 226 of Daydream Education's secondary content packs.
Packed full of curriculum-based content and ready-made interactive activities,
the Full Suite provides an exciting and engaging resource for both teacher and pupil.

Business Studies Titles
DT Titles
English Titles
Geography Titles
ICT Titles
Maths Titles
Music Titles
PE Titles
RE Titles
Science Titles

Features Included

226 Interactive Charts
The colourful interactive screens contain a wealth of clear and concise information.
Both teacher and pupil can interact with text and images, providing an engaging
resource that encourages whole-class involvement.

4,105 Interactive & Printable Quizzes
15 question quizzes which can be performed individually or as a class activity.
The printable quizzes can also be used as a handy homework assignment.

210 Fun Features / Business Activity
Engaging interactive activities which provide pupils with an exciting and stimulating
way of testing their knowledge of key information.

284 Worksheets
Save valuable preparation time by using the worksheets as an exciting lesson-based
activity or challenging homework assignment.

245 Additional Notes / More Info Sections
Once the key concepts of the interactive chart have been explored, study the topic in
greater depth using the Additional Notes / More Info screens. The notes can also be
printed out and used to help with revision and homework assignments.

13 Activity Generators / 12 Writing Frames
The Activity Generators / Writing Frames challenge pupils to put into practice what they
have learned in the other sections of the content packs. They consolidate learning and
improve pupils' knowledge and creativity.

256 Example Exam Questions
This feature provides a variety of example exam questions that will help prepare pupils for their exams.





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