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Extramarks Smart Study Pack - Online Gr 0-3 (3 Months)

Price: R610.00

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Smart Study Pack Empowers Learners

Smart Study Pack empowers learners to fill the learning gaps in classroom by allowing them to revisit concepts at their own pace and space. Smart Study Pack/Tab promise deeper comprehension to each learner and lead them into a new era of learning. It also enables learners to access to CAPS aligned modules anytime, anywhere!

Improve Test Readiness

With Extramarks Smart Study Pack, the learners can easily schedule their study time tables, understand concepts through smart study modules and take Multiple Choice Questions with instant results and prepare for tests and exams. It's a revolutionary tool that propels learners towards excellence. Since all the relevant content resides in the tablet it does not require internet connection that results in anytime anywhere access to learning modules.

Subjects Included

  • English
  • Maths



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