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Early Years World Educational Software - 1 Year Single User Offline

Price: R795.00

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Give Your Child a Head-Start!

PC, Adroid - Ages 2-7 - Beginners - Advanced


The Early Years World is a new innovative collection of interactive computer activities for children aged between 2 to 7 year olds. Designed by an Award Winning Educational Developer the Early the Early Years Wold Application is designed to help with the difficulties in introducing young children to the computer through learning journey, assessing and planning next steps as well as showing reports on the child's progress.

Early Years World Application is perfect for schools, nursery schools and child-mindersICT for young children is not just about computers, used with or without adult support, our computer adventures offer children opportunities in:

  • Active learning,
  • Paying attention to detail,
  • Developing their own ideas,
  • Improving critical thinking skills,
  • Choosing new ways to do things.
  • Improving creative thinking skills
  • Persisting with an activity when meeting their goals,
  • Maintaining focus on their activity for a period of time,

Importantly, children are able to choose themes and characters themselves, making each mini-adventure personal to them, providing the stimulation, fun and interest to express them in different ways including:

  • Children may count, add and subtract
  • They may talk to the characters
  • They may attempt to link sounds and letters
  • They may initiate or join in ‘role play’ using the characters and themes



-   A Singe User application for offline use!

-   It is exceptionally easy to use!  
   56 mini-adventures and over 200 activities divided into age ranges and levels of difficulty. 
   Activities get progressively more skilful whilst ensuring the child's continued confidence as their 
   IT skills is nurtured.

-  Simple to produce printed evidence sheets for nurseries and child-minders.
   To show evidence of children's progress for their individual learning journeys and sheets for 
   'Parents as Partners'.

-  Simple to produce printed 'GO DO' activity sheets.
   To help to encourage children to play and learn away from the computer offering fun, educational 
   activities to compliment Early Years World mini-adventures.

-  Early Years eSafety
   Activities designed for early years children



Click here to download the eLearning Brochure pdf








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