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Schooligans 1 Grade 0-1 (Age 5-7)

Price: R210.00

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Click on above link to download Big Boet Vol 2 Gr 0-1 for Ages 5-7 for Windows. Once downloaded, follow the installation procedure. You will receive the serial key once payment is received (may take up to 48 hours)


Quick Overview

Schooligans is a series of four programs jam-packed with comprehensive phonics, spelling, reading, grammar, maths and thinking exercises in a structured learning environment that is fun to use and educationally sound. Each program challenges students to achieve their personal best while enjoying a very real and positive learning experience.

In Schooligans 1, students will learn: Phonemic awareness; covering beginning & ending consonant sounds, short vowel sounds, & rhyming sounds. Promotes accurate and reliable reading skills, starting with the simplest letter-sound relationships through to simple blending skills and mastery of increasingly complex word patterns. Spelling skills; covering 32 age specific word lists, sorted phonetically, with 4 different spelling games. Reinforces spelling and vocabulary skills using sound, text and visual cues, including sentences for context. Reading fluency; covering 32 graded passages with topics that will appeal to any reader. Encourages improved reading ability by tracking the student’s reading speed, comprehension of what has been read, and selection of unfamiliar words. Grammar rules and correct use; covering Adjectives, Alphabet, Calendar, Capitals & Full Stops, Colours, Compound Words, Nouns, Numbers, Opposites, Sentences, Time, Verbs and more. Mathematics; covering basic addition and subtraction using randomly generated questions, with interactive tutorial support at each level. Thinking skills; covering brainteasers, logic problems, word problems, sequencing, and general knowledge. Note: Home Edition is limited to 4 users only. The School Edition allows unlimited users.


I bought the Schooligans 1, 2 and 3 for his older siblings in 2008 because they were struggling with reading, it did'nt take them long and they were fine. My daughter who is 13 can't stop reading.

So Tino (5year old) saw his brother using the programme and wanted to also play the games. He's only done Schooligans 1, Level 1 and 2 of Phonics, Spelling and reading after that he has just been reading every word he can see (on the road, books, bible, newspapers) and if it's a big word he's never seen before he applies Phonics skills and attempts to read the word.

Schooligans is my favourite educational programme because of the variety of games and exercises that exposes children to Phonics. It's definitely the solution to the literacy problems in Township and rural schools, hence we sponsored a school.

- Kholeka





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