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Know your Tables Grade 1-7 (Age 7-12)

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Quick Overview

This engaging interactive software teaches all aspects of multiplication to children above the age of five in English or Afrikaans.

Know Your Maths

It is important to know that, before any methods or techniques of multiplication can be learned, the basic products (times tables) MUST BE known by heart, e.g. 3x3 2x4 (single digit times a single digit) 9x6.

The sequence in which the tables are learned, is also important.Begin with : 2 and 4 then 3 and 6 then 5 and 10 now revise 2 and 4 and learn 8 now revise 3 and 6 and learn 9 now revise 5 and 10 and learn 7 last In this program it is important that the learner, when learning a specific times table, he completes the games in a certain order. 3 KEY SKILLS Multiples are first: Counting rhymes (count in twos, threes, ........) Products is second: The answer of a single digit multiplied by a single digit Factors are last:Inverse of multiplication is division Multiples - In this game the learner is taught to count in groups of twos, threes; fours; etc. The learner has to click (chronologically) inside the stars, completing the line drawing. The Counting chart (hundred chart) is the teaching aid that helps the learner to count in twos, threes, fours etc. The next multiple is underlined in another colour and the learner then counts the required amount further on the counting chart and then clicks on the star with the correct answer. If the learner clicks on the incorrect star, the correct multiple is shown in red. Products - In this game the learner selects the rocket with the answer that will complete the number sentence correctly. 4 speed phases are distinguished.

In each phase the learner works against time (tempo) to improve his skill level/ speed. The 4 speed phases are: Tortoise - very slow Hare - fast Jackal - faster Cheetah - fastest Only the first 2 phases contain a help system to aid the learner in case an incorrect selection is made. The help system shows the counters in groups that can be counted. In the first two phases the tables are asked chronologically: 1 x 2, 2 x 2, 3 x 2, 4 x 2, 5 x 2, 6 x 2, 7 x 2 ,8 x 2 ,9 x 2, 10 x 2 In the last two phases the tables are asked randomly mixed. Record is kept of correct and incorrect answers and the learner can test himself to see how well the table has been mastered. Factors - In this game the learner has to get 3 clues to be able to determine which alien answers to the description. The answer to complete the number sentence is typed in. The learner wins a star for each correct answer. On winning four stars, an electrical spark forms, the lights light up and the first clue appears. The learner has to get all 3 clues om be able to select the alien answering to the description given. Should the learner pick the correct alien, the flying saucer appears to fetch it. If the learner keys in an incorrect answer a multiplication chart appears to help.



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