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A+ Interactive Series Spelling Grade 0-5 (Age 5-11)

Price: R280.00

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Quick Overview

A+ Interactive Series Spelling
An interactive and fun to work with
program for primary school learners.
Build your spelling skills and have fun doing it at the same time!

 - Lessons, Exercises and Printable Progress Report.

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A+ Spelling is an interactive and fun to work with program for
primary school learners. The program teaches various spelling
skills in several activities and contains thousands of excercises to
keep chil­dren hooked for hours of fun and constructive learning.



  • More than 10 000 spelling words presented in a game format
  • 9 Activities in 3 levels of difficulty (Beginner, Advanced & Expert)
  • Language selection (Afrikaans & English)
  • Printable progress report and analysis chart
  • Database supports up to 1000 users


  • Letter sounds (Toddler - Grade 2)
  • Look and spell (Toddler - Grade 2)
  • Word block (Grade 3 - 7)
  • Word recognition (Grade 3 - 7)
  • Spell with comprehension (Grade 3 - 7)
  • Letter matrix (Grade 3 - 7)
  • Listen and spell (Grade 3 - 7)

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Content per Grade/ Graad

GRADE 1: Spell with Association
GRADE 2: Letter – Wheel Spelling, putting letter together to spell words
GRADE 3: Spell Balloons, pop the balloons to spell the word
GRADE 4: Spelling – Word Recognition
GRADE 5: Word Blocks. Listen and Spell. Letter Matrix (Word Search)

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Kontent vir AFRIKAANS weergawe

GRAAD 1: Spel met Assosiasie
GRAAD 2: Letterwiel Spelling. Kyk watter letters werk saam on n woord te spel
GRAAD 3: Spelballonne
GRAAD 4: Spelling – Woord uitkenning
GRAAD 5: Woordblok. Luister en Spel. Lettermatriks (Woordsoek)

Also available in A+ Maths and A+ Reading



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