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The Privilege to read

We read every day and sometimes we even do it subconsciously. To most people reading is like a second skin, a natural facet of their daily lives and something they wouldn’t think twice about. But people often take their reading skill for granted which is shocking, considering that many children in our country are completely illiterate, even in their primary school years.

Reading is not only a skill but a privilege and it’s a privilege that every child deserves. Studies have shown that, in South Africa, two-thirds of junior primary school pupils are functionally illiterate and innumerate. That is a scary statistic! That means that most kids in the country don’t even know how to read before they’re sent off to school. Yes, child illiteracy statistics in South Africa is shocking to behold. But what can be done about it?

Education starts at home. It is up to parents to develop the young minds of their children. Fortunately, there are many avenues of early education to help children achieve literacy. Educational toys and language programs can give kids the edge in learning before preschool years. Studies have shown that children are more receptive to languages at an early age and teaching them linguistics at an early age is a great way to encourage literacy.

At Edumall we care as much about your child’s literacy as you do. In fact, knowing that two-thirds of children in pre-primary are illiterate is shocking. As educators, we refuse to let that happen. That is why we offer some of the most comprehensive learning and language programs and educational toys on the market today. Our programs and toys are specifically engineered to help your child achieve literacy at an early age.

Yes, reading is a privilege and, at Edumall, we believe your child, all children are entitled to that privilege.


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