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Reading in South Africa

South Africa has some shocking illiteracy statistics. A study conducted by the National Education Evaluation and Development Council have shown that 13% of grade-5’s are completely illiterate, not because they’re lazy, but because of how they’re taught. Students are taught to parrot rather than reading independently which is, as science shows us, one of the best methods of encouraging reading among children. This is obviously a big problem and needs to change.

Teaching kids to read at an early age can greatly improve not only their minds but their cognitive abilities as well. Early reading can greatly enhance your child’s intelligence and provide him or her with the necessary mental tools to make a success of school and, later, university. It gives your child an edge, that we believe that every child should possess. Every child is entitled to a good education but, without proper reading skills, such an education would be wasted on them.

Here, at Edumall, we sincerely believe in the abilities of every child and we actively seek to develop them. Obviously, illiteracy in SA is a big problem but we believe that, with an early reading start, every child has the potential to become great. Therefore we offer several education toys and language learning programs which is designed to improve your child’s reading abilities and to prepare your child to a brilliant future. Apart from school resources, we also sell a variety of educational multimedia programs and of course reading programs.

The gift of knowledge, specifically the gift of reading, is probably the best gift that you could ever give to your child. It prepares your child for the world ahead where reading forms the basis of everyday life in our society. There is a cure to illiteracy in SA and that cure is to teach your child how to read at an early age. By doing so, you prepare your child for the future and, inevitable, you are shaping the next generation of leaders in South Africa.





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