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Raising the heights of Literacy

Literacy is an ongoing problem here in South Africa. Good education starts at home with you. It starts with the toys you subject your child to and, here at Edumall, we have the necessary educational toys and language learning programs you need to efficiently prevent illiteracy in your child. Let’s face it, illiteracy is a big problem in South Africa. Illiteracy is what stops you from completing that big project and getting that customer because your machinist can’t read the instructions on how to complete the project. Illiteracy is what’s preventing your PA of completing her duties which means that you’ll have to fire her next week.

Illiteracy is certainly a problem in our country. It prevents engineering companies from hiring reliable labourers to complete a dam, it prevents major airlines from hiring competent staff to attend their passengers. Something needs to be done about this.  As constituents, we see a great future for our kids and, as parents, we want to be a part of that future.

Early learning in a child is crucial for mental and physical development, not to mention a perfect remedy for illiteracy. Illiteracy is a problem that requires an immediate solution. Because, with illiteracy, our children grow without ever having to qualify for a well-paying job. To grow up not knowing how to read, can you imagine a crueller fate? To have a potential employer tell you:”Were sorry but we can’t hire you at this time.” That must be a terrible blow to the stomach. But, illiteracy is on its way out. More and more kids are obtaining the skills they need in order to complete with their class mates. But we need to keep it going. It is up to us to combat the scourge of illiteracy, in order to nip it in the bud permanently.

Let’s bring up a generation of kids with a passion for reading.



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