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Company Profile

Company Profile
Click here to download pdf helps teachers to teach and learners to learn.

Edumall are developers, publishers and distributors of educational software and hardware.  We provide innovative local ICT integration products from classroom resources through to school technologies.

Our mission is to provide the latest quality educational and creative software and hardware to the South African market.

Our heritage is wide ranging and innovative.  From the latest and most educationally appropriate computers, innovative whole class teaching technology, engaging teaching and learning software, easy to manage networks to a market-leading learning platform that is adaptable and all reassuringly wrapped by multi-award winning consultancy, support and training services.  Learning technologies make innovative learning technology that customers can depend upon.

We aim to infuse the world of education to new, more engaging ways of teaching, for an enhanced learning outcome.  We are passionate about education and our expertise is founded in our 18 years of developing the ICT markets.

In our dedication to excellence, we combine the latest educational approaches with state of the art technology whilst striving to localize as much of the content as possible.  Part of our drive is to convert the computer to a potential learning centre for any age, subject or language for the masses.  We have a comprehensive range that is all encompassing for the various requirements of any grade and subject.

An impressive chain of global partnerships and alliances with world leaders in learning trends power our solutions.  Realising the needs and aspirations of the digital savvy generation, our R&D team comprising of a mix of educationalists, educational experts and technology professionals in software and hardware, follows world trends whilst carefully considering that various territories have certain needs that need to be established and adapted. 

Local content providers have become a huge contributing factor to enhanced and improved learning outcomes.


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